5th Grade Fundraising

5th grade is a big year for our Hazel Students. As the oldest children at school, our Hazel 5th Graders take on additional responsibilities to help prepare them for 6th grade and beyond.

5th Grade fundraising is key to being able to provide a few special experiences for our students each year. Class T-Shirts, a special class trip, a special event, and a class yearbook are among the activities and gifts we like to provide to our 5th Graders at Hazel to make the year special.

While 5th graders are engaged by a parent committee to raise some of the funds, we also look to the 5th grade parents for monetary support at the beginning of the year.

5th Grade Parent Monetary Support – 2019

Other fundraising efforts will be set up throughout the year.

We thank you in advance for your support of our 5th graders, and for helping to do your part to make this year special for our “Senior” class.