PTA Membership

Pay for your PTA Membership by clicking this link.

Parent involvement increases student success. Join the Hazel Ave PTA, and help be a difference-maker in the development of the children of Hazel Avenue Elementary.

Hazel Avenue Elementary PTA is now using MemberHub to manage PTA Memberships. In MemberHub, you can pay for your membership, communicate with other Hazel members, and make other purchases as they are made available. By joining the PTA, you also will have access to a PTA Members group that will connect you with other Hazel Ave PTA members.

The $10 per person membership dues are annual, and are used to sponsor educational assemblies, family events and student enrichment activities for the Hazel community.

Pay for your PTA Membership by clicking this link.

If you don’t wish to join the PTA at this moment, we encourage you to register your family at MemberHub. You’ll connect with other parents and supporters of Hazel Ave School. If you later decide to join the PTA, you’ll be granted access to the PTA Members group.

Join the Hazel MemberHub community by clicking this link.